UNFSS+ 2: Checking in on Pathways for real impact

23 July 2023

Taking Stock, Refining, Accelerating Action For all

Foodactioncities editorial

Implementing country food system pathways to realise real impact, to reshape food systems and advance access to safe, staple and nutritious foods is happening in many countries around the world. Perhaps not perfectly, perhaps a little slower than needed, perhaps needing more inclusion and better address of equity, perhaps not as aligned as originally planned…but it is happening. Food is increasingly on the global agenda but not sufficiently so despite the enormous potential food system interventions can have. Food and nutrition security and the need to urgently transform food systems so that people are cared for and can pursue their prosperity and the environment can thrive and provide a ‘’safe space’’ for living and non-living entities is vital. However, it takes more than political will to realise real impact in the everyday lives of people and the environment. 

Everyone needs to be involved, in small and big ways, and continuously involved including cities, local and national governments, and the diversity of food systems stakeholders involved directly or indirectly, formally or informally. This means the UN Food System Summit (UNFSS) + 2 Stocktaking Moment is for you too! Not part of the national representation attending in person? THEN REGISTER NOW! To access via special link the live (internet) streaming of all the main and side events!

For too long food systems transformation has been driven mainly by global forces: conferences, reports, recommendations, and data.  Now country transformation has to take centre stage. 

Lawrence Haddad, executive Director, GAIN

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Useful Links

UNFSS+2 HUB Home Page: https://www.unfoodsystemshub.org/fs-stocktaking-moment/

UNFSS+2 Programme


Highlighting a selection of UNFSS+2 sessions:

24th July, 12.30-13.30, Ethiopia room, FAOSide-event: City, local and national governments join actions with multiple actors towards healthy, inclusive, sustainable and resilient food system

Info leaflet available here

24th July, 16:00-17:30 CET, RED ROOM, FAO Special Event: Leveraging Urbanisation for Food Systems Transformation

25th July, 16.30-17.30Special event: Taking stock of progress: scaling up transformative private sector investment in food systems

Panelist from GAIN: Dr. Lawrence Haddad

26th July, 12.30-13.30, Austria room, FAO – Side-event: Multi-stakeholder collaboration for food systems transformation: From concepts to action

Panelist from GAIN: Joyce Akpata

Info leaflet available here

25th July, 18:00-19:00 Virtual Side Event: National Pathways: Spotlight on Nutrition, Gender, and Food Systems Transformation

26th July, 12.30-13.30, Philippines room, FAOSide-event: Youth leading transformation: Accelerating inclusive food systems in collaboration with UNFSS

Info leaflet available here