The critical role of urban, local and regional governments in resilient food systems and access to healthy and diverse diets for all

11 February 2022

This Nutrition for Growth event focused on raising awareness of the value and role of urban, local and regional governments in making food systems more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and resilient to advance healthy diets for all. Such awareness is most critical and relevant where commitments and actions that underline the transformation of urban food systems also robustly connect with the food systems at “higher levels” (regional, territorial, national and global).

The side event was organised by the Urban Food Systems Working Group, co-led by FAO and GAIN. Urban Food Systems Working Group is an informal multi-stakeholder group consisting of 26 member organisations (6 city networks, 13 other organizationsorganisations / academic institutions and 7 UN agencies)

Moderator: Dr. Gerda Verburg, Scaling Up Nutrition  

Keynote: Dr. Jessica Fanzo, Johns Hopkins University


•                Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor, City of Bristol, UK 

•                Ms. Tamsin Faragher, Principal Resilience Officer, City of Cape Town, South Africa

•                Mr. Anang Noegroho, Director of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia

•                Dr. Hamid Jalil, Member, National Food Security and Climate Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan

•                Dr. Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director, GAIN

•                Dr. Nancy Aburto, Deputy Director, Nutrition Division, FAO

•                Ms. Emily Norford, Manager, Urban Food Systems, EAT Foundation