Scout Food Movement – Tel Aviv and Yafo, Israel

Key Insights

  • Building food literacy for children
  • Healthy and sustainable eating trend
  • Implementing the urban food policy


The food system of Tel Aviv-Yafo faces serious sustainability challenges due to the environmental conditions, natural resource pressures, and rapid urban population growth. Since 2016 the Scout Food Movement has increased food literacy among around 8,000 children (age 9-19) each year, as well as their parents. By building awareness of local food supply chains and healthy cooking skills, it aims to turn healthy, sustainable eating into a trend for the young generation. The initiative contributes to implementation of the urban food strategy of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.


This case study version is from the Menu of Actions (2019). Suggested citation: Halliday, J., Platenkamp, L., Nicolarea, Y. (2019) A menu of actions to shape urban food systems for improved nutrition, GAIN, MUFPP and RUAF.

Avocados: locally sourced produce in Tel Aviv-Yafo (Israel), Shutterstock/Jaboo2foto

The action and its aims

The Scout Food Movement provides children enrolled in summer camps with food that is healthier than standard fare, with a focus on local food sources. The scouts (around 8,000 a year, aged 9 to 19) are also taught to think critically about food advertising, preparing them to make good choices in the food environment. The initiative aims to increase understanding of local food supply chains by young people and their parents, to promote the development of healthy cooking skills, and to turn healthy and sustainable eating into a trend.

When it was introduced

The scheme was introduced in 2016. The following year it was extended to include outreach to parents, such as teaching them how to prepare popular healthy recipes and informing them about sustainability.

Why it was needed

The environmental conditions of Tel Aviv-Yafo mean it is vulnerable to the depletion of natural resources and there is a need for action to ensure food system sustainability. Rapid population growth is causing additional concern over food security.

Who initiated it, who is involved

The initiative was rolled out by the Scout Movement; it goes some way towards addressing key issues in Tel Aviv-Yafo’s urban food policy, drawn up by the municipality, civil society groups.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Food System

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include a significant number of interconnected objectives related to agriculture and food.

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