Keeping Food Markets working in Beira, Mozambique during the COVID-19 crisis

5 July 2022

When COVID-19 hit Beira in Mozambique in 2020, the city had not long been decimated by a cyclone. As the pandemic progressed, two more extreme weather events devastated the tropical port – hampering the local government’s response and exacerbating pre-existing public health and food insecurity challenges.

Keeping Food Markets Working in Beira, Mozambique Policy options toolkit
Beira, Mozambique Keeping Food Markets working in Beira

Beira was already experiencing significant environmental issues, and the impact of COVID-19 created additional challenges for the municipal government and traditional urban food markets – upon which so many vulnerable people depended. The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) launched an emergency initiative called Keeping Food Markets Working (KFMW).

A policy toolkit was developed, providing the Beira city government with a raft of real-world ideas for improving local food policymaking.

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